Now that you recognize the importance of creating your own Peace of Mind plan to ensure your loved ones have the legal tools they need in the event of some unforeseen occurrence, you may be tempted to go to the Google machine and find out how you can do this yourself. You will undoubtedly find countless references and tools you can use, some free and others at a low cost. But before you proceed down this path, you should ask yourself this important question: "What if your do-it-yourself plan does NOT actually accomplish your goals when the plan is needed and you are not able to make changes?"

Unlike other do-it-yourself projects that may simply require you to make multiple trips to the hardware store, an estate plan that doesn't work is not easily remedied, sometimes not even with an urgent call to a legal professional. And the cost savings for doing it without professional assistance are quickly lost with the fees needed to "fix" your plan.

Before you use Google to find a do-it-yourself option, use it to search for "Consumer Reports + legalzoom" where you can see an impartial review of self-help software. Or just go to this link:

A recent court case in Florida also highlighted the unfortunate results of a "do it yourself" estate plan. You can read about that case here: "Do-It-Yourself Wills: Cheap Now, Expensive Later?"

Here's where you should start your search for professional help.