It’s sometime after midnight when the phone rings. You awaken with a sinking feeling – unless this is a wrong number this call is probably not good news.

You answer the phone and are informed by a hospital employee that your mother has been brought in by an ambulance and is being examined. The hospital has no further information on her condition at this time.

You hang up the phone and your mind starts racing. You ask yourself these questions:

“What can I do for my mother?”

“What would she want me to do?”

“What do I need to know?”

“Who do I go to for help?"

 If your phone were to ring right now, could you answer these questions regarding a loved one?


This common scenario highlights the point that when a family crisis occurs – such as an illness, injury, or unexpected death – it may well be too late to provide the answers to these and other critical questions to your family.


This is the idea behind “My Peace of Mind Plan™.” While we recognize that having a discussion with a loved one about planning for illness, disability, or death can be very difficult and emotional, the consequences of not having this conversation and not planning ahead can ultimately be far more difficult and emotionally trying for your family.


How is your own Peace of Mind Plan? How well prepared are you for the future? Will your family be able to answer those late night questions about you after receiving a troubling phone call? Have you taken the steps necessary to give your loved ones Peace of Mind should tragedy occur?


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